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ArKaos MediaMaster
Name: ArKaos MediaMaster for Mac
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Name: ArKaos MediaMaster for Mac
Version: 5.0.2
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.6 or later
Web Site:


Professional application designed to turn your Mac into a powerful media server, in order to run live video shows in sync with lighting and music
ArKaos MediaMaster is a powerful application that aims to provide an intuitive solution for professionals who wish to control video media, animations, lighting and picture input.
As a media server tool, it enables users to play and manipulate clips, images, live feeds and Flash text animations in real-time, as well as generate visual effects.
ArKaos MediaMaster offers two distinct interface modes, each suitable for different tasks: the Theater mode and the Fixture mode.
Fixture and Theader modes for easier configuration
The Theater mode facilitates show preparation and control of visual presets via DMX, MIDI or a standard computer keyboard. You can make use of dynamic visual effects, together with a library management system.
The Fixture mode is more complex and versatile, providing direct control over all parameters and attributes via DMX. It offers support for MSEX and allows thumbnails previews, as well as real-time output to console screens.
DMX and ArtNet support, as well as a built-in surface video mapping engine
It is also worth noting that the application comes in two editions: ArKaos MediaMaster Express and ArKaos MediaMaster Pro. The Express version is limited to the theater mode mentioned above and only eight layers of video, while the Pro edition supports twelve layers and both operating modes.
Both versions include soft-edge and pixel-mapping control via DMX and ArtNet, while only the Pro edition offers a Geometric Correction module and the Video Mapping extension designed to help with mapping video onto various irregular surfaces.
Comprehensive media server for real-time and programmed light-synced multimedia shows
The two versions also come equipped with the LED Mapper extension, which is useful for driving LED panels. The mapping configuration can be viewed in real-time as it is transferred over ArtNet to your devices.
All things considered, ArKaos MediaMaster is a comprehensive solution aimed professionals who are looking for a tool to help them create and manage high-definition video shows, combining media, lights and visual effects.

What’s new in ArKaos MediaMaster 5.0.2

November 10th, 2016
・Improved user guidance to upgrade dongle to MediaMaster 5.
・Fixed blinking of intensity slider with fade time when user interacts.
・Reserved empty folders in the library get automatically redeployed.
・Option to display elapsed and remaining times next to visuals.
・Option to select a preferred arrangement of layer previews.
・Improved context menu to customize layer previews.
・Improved layer previews auto-arrangement.
・Support for codecs with a last packet with no time stamp.
・Button to edit .txt and .srt files.
・Lyrics files get imported into the Library.
・Fixed support of international characters in file paths.
・Video Mapper:
・Fixed issue regarding the order of the surfaces listed.
・Fixed memory leak when sending device geometry.
LED Mapper:
・IP range are specified with an X joker character instead of 255.
・Fixed crash when a test image is missing.
・Options “snap to grid” and “show grid” are active by default.
・Previews are updated even if network is set to disabled.
・Fixed Select All feature.
・Fixed scroll bar visibility on Mac.
・Fixed issue in the data sent through CITP for the auto-patching.