Arturia B-3 V

Arturia B-3 V
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Name: Arturia B-3 V
Language: English
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.8 or later
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The B-3 V delivers the most authentic tonewheel organ and rotary speaker experience you’ll find anywhere, plus customizations that open up new creative opportunities
Monarch of electronic organs, the rich sounding B3 has been a staple of jazz, gospel, rock, reggae and R&B—not to mention pro studios everywhere—for over a half century. Its electromagnetic tonewheel design gave it a beefy quality not found on later transistor organs. Our faithful homage includes an authentic rotary speaker and an array of stomp boxes, plus inspiring updates like analog circuit mods and drawbar modulation for new animated and syncopated effects.

Main Features:

・Physical Modeling Engine (no samples)
・Dual manual Interface
・Each manual has separate MIDI channel preferences
・9 Drawbars per manual
・3 modeled chorus and vibrato settings
・Separate upper and lower ON/OFF
・Preamp drive
・Modeled rotary speaker emulator
・Advanced controls for adjusting the model
・Convolution based Reverb
・Traditional Leslie performance controls
・Swell pedal
・Percussion controls
・Volume soft/normal
・Slow/Fast decay
・Harmonic selection
・Output effects where you can change the order
・Volume, wah, auto-wah
・Analog Delay
・New Advanced Drawbar modulators
・LFO’s with multiple waveforms and phase
・Multipoint envelopes
・Step sequencer
・Drawbar destinations with positive and negative amount controls
・Physical model engine parameters
・Drawbar leakage
・Tonewheel leakage
・Background noise
・Polyphonic Percussion
・Key click volume
・Attack and release controls
・86 factory presets
・Easy to use MIDI mapping