Koji Color Advance 1.1.0 for Final Cut Pro X

Koji color
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Descriptions for Koji Color Advance 1.1.0 for Final Cut Pro X, After Effects & Premiere

Name: Koji Color Advance
Version: 1.1.0

Web Site: https://www.kojicolor.com/


Add advanced emulation movies trusted by professionals.

Renders fast. very fast
when applied Koji Advance to a video clip, which makes the lightning fast and does not slow down your machine.

Simple and powerful Balance Auto White
To operate any film emulation, you must start with an image that has the correct white balance. With many modern digital cameras, this is more challenging than it should be. So Koji Advance option comes with a powerful automatic white balance. You might be surprised how often you use it .

It works natively with the video format (more research is required on the Internet)
Digital video formats are a bit messy. There are dozens of them, and they all work slightly differently. Koji Advance is compatible with all major camera formats natively, whether recording has been filmed on a Sony FS7, Red Dragon, Canon DSLR or A7S, simply choose your format and ready. It just works.

Preserving the true color of the film
During the development of Koji, we work with almost every major film laboratories in Hollywood, with Dale in place to control and monitor KOP print quality at every stage. Most stocks of films we use have been discontinued since. By carefully preserving the color response of these films, we expect to maintain the beauty of color film for use by future filmmakers.

What’s New in Koji Color Advance 1.1.0

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