Pixel Film Studios – PROTEASER Volume 7 for Final Cut Pro X

ProTeaser: Volume 7
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ProTeaser: Volume 7 – Trailers for Final Cut Pro X

ProTeaser is back with vengeance and 6 new teaser trailer titles for Final Cut Pro X. Hype up your next film with ProTeaser: Volume 7 from Pixel Film Studios™. Take your audience into a grungy underworld or family fun comedy in your next trailer video. ProTeaser’s text are pre-animated and can be customized in the FCPX Inspector.

Teaser Trailer Titles with ProTeaser: Volume 7 in FCPX

Zion Theme

The Earth has become a desolate planet with little hope for survival. Our only hope is to find Mount Zion. Let the migration begins this Summer.

With digital glitches and anamorphic lens flares, the Zion Theme can help you create a sleek, futuristic theme in your next Final Cut Pro X film. Control Zion’s color, text, font, background type, and animation directly inside of FCPX.

The Green Jacket Theme

After seeing crime run rampant in his city, he decided to take justice into his own hands. He wears… The Green Jacket.

Create a super hero theme title in your next Final Cut Pro X project with the Green Jacket theme. Control the color, background texture, font and text in FCPX!

The Fireflies Theme

Create a celestial or fantasy title in Final Cut Pro X with the Fireflies theme from PROTEASER Volume 7. Control the dust particles, light color, text hue, and font in FCPX.

The Glamour Theme

Despite a few contestants mysteriously dropping out the competition, this year’s beauty pagent is expected to go on as always. The show must go on in Glamour.

Create a chic and fun title with the Glamour theme in Final Cut Pro X. Control this theme’s color, text, font, and movement without opening any other programs.

The Family Comedy Theme

Get ready for the family comedy sequel of the Summer. The Nerds are back and ready for more adventure.

Create a family friendly title for your next Final Cut Pro X project. Customize the background color, font hue, vignette, text and font right inside the FCPX Inspector.

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