Prisma Palette for Adobe Photoshop

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Name:Prisma Palette
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Descriptions for Prisma Palette for Adobe Photoshop

Name: Prisma Palette

Requirements: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5 or later

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From the maker of Colour Constructor. A revolutionary new idea in artist’s tools; a painter’s palette based on physics, that generates different palettes for lit and shadowed areas.

Prisma Palette generates individual gamut masks for any number of light sources; mapping exact local colours to lit colours within the colour space.

  • The most advanced gamut map generator on the market
  • Generate mathematically correct colour palettes within a lit space
  • Reverse engineer local colours from lit colours
  • Workflow optimized for painting with as little interruption as possible
  • Three picker modes with live updating of position
  • Shortcut key to toggle lights
  • High Performance, with realtime updating of all sliders
  • Free updates