SuperDuper! 3.1.1

SuperDuper 3
Name:SuperDuper! 3.1.1
Size:7.2 MB

SuperDuper! 3.1.1 | Mac OS X | 7.2 MB.

Backup and restore your data to protect them from calamities.
Although a Mac is a very robust machine can sometimes play us a trick, running out of hard drive. And the worst thing is not to lose the disk, but the data it contains. Here comes SuperDuper!

SuperDuper! It is a comprehensive tool that performs backup disk drives, and programmed manually, choosing the destination and have restore points.

SuperDuper! It is very easy to use. It also has a selection of scripts that allow automatic before or after backup tasks.

Furthermore, the backup can be carried out in four different ways:
– Complete erasing the source;
– Incremental, copying only the files that have been modified;
– New, copying only the files that have been created since the last backup
– Differential, checking the differences between the original file and belonging to the backup.