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TransTele for Final Cut Pro X
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TransTele – TV Screen Transitions for FCPX

Create the illusion that your camera is passing through an old school CRT television screen with TransTele from Pixel Film Studios. With over 60 professionally made transitions to choose from you can make it look like your being sucked in or out of your tv screen. Simply drag and drop one of the the TransTele effects between your clips, adjust the speed, and be amazed.

Web Site: http://store.pixelfilmstudios.com/product/transtele/

TV Screen Transitions with TransTele in FCPX

Be The Last Action Hero!

Make your audience a part of the film by bringing them into the action. With TransTele from Pixel Film Studios, editors can give the effect that the camera is jumping in and out of a computer or television monitor. You can even slide across the surface of the glass and see the grid and RGB separation in the screen.

Over 60 Transition Effects

With TransTele’s huge library of television screen transitions there are endless ways for you to zoom, slide and jump your way from clip to clip in your next Final Cut Pro X project. Choose from one of our 7 styles (including Pass Through and Chaotic) to move in out of the TV screen.

Futuristic Retro

After spending hours looking at 8 bit video games and CRT television screens, the team at Pixel Film Studios came up with a transition that has both a futuristic and retro vibe. TransTele creates a high energy, electronic effect with a nostalgic feel.

Easy to Use in Final Cut Pro X

The team at Pixel Film Studios professionally created these transitions to work flawlessly with FCPX. TransTele can stylize your next Final Cut Pro X project in the click of a button. Simply drag and drop one of the transition effects between two of you clips.

TRANSTELE – Final Cut Pro X Effects – Pixel Film Studios